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Wee the People Workshops



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Our community partner Wee the People is hosting two in-person workshops for A.R.T. audiences who want to explore the themes of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 with their families.

What Are Jails For? The Story of Mass Incarceration

SEP 10 at 10:30AM

Heroes and villains, cops and robbers: From a young age, kids absorb and play out a lot of ideas about safety, danger, crime, and punishment. As they grow older, they then absorb a never-ending narrative of Black criminality. In this workshop, kids will learn to question these assumptions and understand the connection between disrupting these harmful stereotypes and protecting Black lives. This event is appropriate for all ages, but is designed especially for children and their grownups.

S Is for Solidarity

SEP 17 at 10:30AM

Imagine going outside, picking up a stick, and snapping the stick in two. Seems easy enough. Now imagine picking up a bunch of sticks, tying them together in a tight bundle, and then snapping that bundle. Not so easy, right? When we stand together and unite in the face of injustice, we become unbreakable. That strength has a name: Solidarity. In this activity-based workshop, kids will explore the power of solidarity to create change and the many ways that non-Black people of color can stand in solidarity with Black lives.