The Donkey Show


2 Arrow Street, Cambridge MA, 02138
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As of December 31, 2021, A.R.T. no longer produces at this venue.

OBERON is the club theater of the A.R.T., a destination for theater and nightlife on the fringe of Harvard Square. In addition to offering work from the A.R.T., OBERON is a thriving incubator for emerging artists to imagine new projects that could only exist in this exciting club theater environment.

Please read an update about OBERON on Arrow Street. Read More


Accessibility at OBERON

OBERON is fully wheelchair accessible via the main entrance on Massachusetts Avenue and there is a ramp from Mount Auburn St. to the Massachusetts Ave. entrance.

Restrooms: All-gender wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are located to the right at the end of the hall in the front lobby (ushers or Ticket Services personnel will direct you).

Concessions and Refreshments

No outside food or beverages will be allowed into the theater. There is a full bar in the performance space at OBERON.

OBERON is 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink and will only accept the following forms of identification as proof of age:

  • Valid US Drivers License
  • Valid US Liquor Identification Card
  • Valid Passport issued by the US or a US recognized country
  • Valid US military ID card

Please be advised that OBERON (a venue of American Repertory Theater) reserves the right to refuse admission or remove a patron for any behavior the staff identifies as having the potential to cause damage, injury, or disturbance to the venue, its patrons, artists, and staff, or for failure to comply with staff requests. OBERON reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone at any time. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. Alcohol will not be served to anyone already intoxicated. Intoxicated patrons will be denied entry into the venue, and public intoxication is grounds for ejection from the venue without refund. Tickets will not be refunded to any patron ejected from the venue.


OBERON - American Repertory Theater, 2 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA, USA