A.R.T. Season, OBERON Shows
May 6, 2016 - May 29, 2016
a spirited and insightful commentary on two archetypes of American masculinity.
Ben Brantley, The New York Times
Created by the TEAM
Directed by Rachel Chavkin

On a hallucinatory road trip from the Badlands to Graceland, the spirits of Elvis Presley and Theodore Roosevelt battle over the soul of the painfully shy meat processing plant worker, Ann, and over what kind of man or woman Ann should become. Set against the boundless blue skies of the Great Plains and endless American highway, RoosevElvis is a new work about gender, appetite, and the multitudes we contain.

Mixing athleticism with artistic experimentation, celebrated theater troupe the TEAM has explored American myths from Gone with the Wind to Howl with a zany, irreverent theatricality. The TEAM returns to A.R.T. after their production Particularly in the Heartland was featured in the 2010 Emerging America Festival.

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RoosevElvis Teaser

Creative team
Created by Rachel Chavkin, Libby King, Jake Margolin, Kristen Sieh
with Matt Hubbs, Andrew Schneider, Nick Vaughan
Director Rachel Chavkin
Costume Design Kristen Sieh
Associate Director Jake Margolin
Associate Director (Tour) Annie Tippe
Associate Video Design Stephen Arnoczy
Production Stage Manager Meg McDonald
Ann/Elvis Libby King
Brenda/Teddy Kristen Sieh
Additional staff
Associate Lighting Design Eric Furbish
Associate Sound Design Erik Skovgaard
Technical Director for the TEAM Aaron Minerbrook
Producing Director for the TEAM

Manda Martin

Associate Producer for the TEAM

Lucy Jackson

Ann-Margret Dance and Additional Movement Consultation Sam Pinkleton
Video Footage Shot and Edited Andrew Schneider
Original Video Design

Joe Cantalupo

Assistant Director

Kevin Hourigan

Development Stage Managers

Dave Polato, Kevin Hourigan

Production Intern

Emily Moler

It doesn’t get much more “american” than Teddy and Elvis such macho caricatures in real life, that the actresses who embody them onstage barely have to exaggerate. More

But this work by Brooklyn-based ensemble The TEAM is much more than just an absurd examination of what a hypothetical conversation between two of the 20th century’s larger-than-life figures might sound like, it’s a surprisingly emotional work, thanks to the reality-based secondary plot. More

Right from the top, it's evident that RoosevElvis is not your ordinary take on history or gender, nor does it have an orderly chronological plot. Teddy Roosevelt and Elvis Presley come onstage first, brought to life by Kristen Sieh and Libby King who soon morph into Brenda, a recent divorcée, and Ann, a closeted gay woman. The pair meet through a singles add and take off together for a weekend on the road, à la Thelma and Louise, but with an identity twist. More

There may be something particularly American in the peculiar feat of becoming so ubiquitously known that you disappear. Take Elvis Presley. It seems natural that fact and fiction should intertwine in the tall tales we tell about, say, George Washington. But to disappear into myth in the age of mass media — to, in fact, use the magnifying power of newspapers, radio, television, and film to carve out an edifice that entirely obscures the person behind it — is something else entirely. More

RoosevElvis is the latest production of the TEAM, a Brooklyn-based ensemble dedicated to making new work about the experience of living in America today. More

This is the first time (I believe) the TEAM have come to this area. If "RoosevElvis" is indicative of their work, let's hope they come back again soon. More

We’re never quite sure whether Ann (Libby King) — the main character in the TEAM’s strange, but charming and highly likable “RoosevElvis,” at Oberon through May 29 — has multiple personalities, or whether she’s been possessed by the spirit of Elvis Presley. More

The Team, a Brooklyn, NY based company, known for their devised works, draws on American history and culture to develop their quirky, imaginative material which they tour widely. RoosevElvis, currently playing at the A.R.T.’s Oberon Theatre in Cambridge, brings together two American icons, the early twentieth-century President Theodore Roosevelt and the mid- twentieth-century rock and roll artist Elvis Presley. More

Why, look, it’s Theodore Roosevelt and Elvis Presley! How come a dead president of the United States and a dead king of rock ’n’ roll, who weren’t even alive at the same time, are chumming it up in the 21st century? More

Press Releases

Created by Rachel Chavkin, Libby King, Jake Margolin, and Kristen Sieh with Matt Hubbs, Andrew Schneider, and Nick Vaughan Directed by Rachel Chavkin May 6-29 OBERON

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Tickets from $25. Student rush tickets: $15. A.R.T. Subscribers, Members, and Student Members: Log into your account for discounts.

Run time

95 minutes with no intermission


OBERON 2 Arrow St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Tickets: 617.547.8300

Administrative Office: 617.495.2668

Age Appropriateness

Recommended for grades 9 and up.

Expressed with raw experimental theatricality, this play's themes of American masculinity, gender, and sex make for a provocative and engaging experience for prepared late middle- or high-school students. Please consult with the A.R.T. Education Department prior to attending.


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