Albert Bermel

Albert Bermel, whose association with the American Repertory Theater includes translating The King Stag, The Serpent Woman, The Miser, and three of the four Molière farces in Sganarelle, is a distinguished author, critic, translator, playwright, and teacher. His translations, published and performed, include works by Beaumarchais, Cocteau, Corneille, Courteline, Jarry, Labiche, the prize-winning French-Canadian author Languirand, and Molière. His recent works include Molière’s Theatrical Bounty and Carlo Gozzi: Five Tales for the Theatre (co-translated by Ted Emery), both published by University of Chicago Press; and Shakespeare at the Moment: Playing the Comedies, published by Heinemann. A professor emeritus of theater at the City University of New York, Mr. Bermel has received a Guggenheim Fellowship in playwriting and the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism.