Lilly Rose Valore

Lilly Rose Valore

Lilly Rose Valore (she/her/hers) is a Dancer/Model/Trans Activist from Boston, MA. She is a Program Assistant at Futures Without Violence, which is a non-profit organization working to end domestic violence for women and children. Her work for Black Trans Lives has led her to become an artist/activist. Lilly has always had an interest in developing the lives of marginalized groups specifically within the city of Boston and often speaks on LGBTQ+ awareness panels, teaches vogue classes and history, and performs at LGBTQ fundraising events. Lilly weaves queer symbolism into her art and has been telling her story through photo, film, and dance in order to use her social media platforms as a way to reach out to a wider demographic. She touches on topics such as racial injustices, uplifting marginalized groups, and representation for Trans Women of Color.