Stacy Blake-Beard

Stacy Blake-Beard

Stacy Blake-Beard, Ph.D. is the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Professor of Women and Leadership at Simmons College’s School of Management, where she teaches organizational behavior.  She is also Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations at Simmons. Dr. Blake-Beard served as Visiting Faculty at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India for 8 years and is currently Visiting Faculty with the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women in Delhi, India. Prior to joining Simmons, Dr. Blake-Beard was faculty at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  She has also worked in sales and marketing at Procter & Gamble and in the corporate human resources department at Xerox.  Dr. Blake-Beard holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park and an MA and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Blake-Beard’s research focuses on the challenges and opportunities offered by mentoring relationships, with a focus on how these relationships may be changing as a result of increasing workforce diversity. She is particularly interested in the issues women face as they develop mentoring relationships.  She also studies the dynamics of formal mentoring programs in both corporate and educational settings.  Dr. Blake-Beard has published research on gender, diversity, and mentoring in several publications including the Journal of Career Development, the Academy of Management Executive, the Psychology of Women Quarterly, Journal of Management Development, the Journal of Business Ethics, Human Resource Management Journal and The Diversity Factor. Dr. Blake-Beard is co-editor of a volume focused on women’s careers (Handbook of Research on Promoting Women’s Careers) and a forthcoming volume on mentoring (Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Changing People, Processes and Paradigms).  She has received a 2010-2011 Fulbright Award to support her project, entitled “Systems of Sustenance and Support: Exploring the Impact of Mentoring on the Career Experiences of Indian Women,” in partnership with the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Blake-Beard’s most recent collaboration is with Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research on their Voice & Influence videos.  She is also starting a three year term as a Representative for the Board of Governors for the Academy of Management.  Dr. Blake-Beard has been affiliated with the advisory board of a number of organizations, including MentorNet, Teen Voices, the Harvard Project on Tenure, and the Harvard Medical School Center for the Study of Diversity in Science. Dr. Blake-Beard has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships, including awards from the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Robert Toigo Foundation.  She has given seminars for and consulted on a wide range of topics, including effectively leveraging diversity, implementing formal mentoring programs, gender and leadership, bystander awareness training, unconscious bias, managing visibility, career action planning and team-building.  Organizations with which she has consulted include Infosys, EMC, Hewlett Packard, Jobs for the Future, The Partnership, IBM, Cisco, The Robert Toigo Foundation, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Swissotel, PepsiCo, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Linkage, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Boston Chamber of Commerce, The Conference Board, Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Cambridge Hospital, Boston University, Connecticut College, University of Connecticut, University of Michigan, University of Texas, University of California, Harvard University, Boston Public School District, The PhD Project, The Compact for Faculty Diversity, and New Leaders for New Schools.