Sleep No More
A.R.T. Season, Out of the A.R.T.
October 8, 2009 through February 7, 2010

The Old Lincoln School in Brookline, Massachusetts, has been exquisitely transformed into an installation of cinematic scenes that evoke the world of Macbeth. You, the audience, have the freedom to roam the environment and experience a sensory journey as you choose what to watch and where to go. Rediscover the childlike excitement of exploring the unknown in this unique theatrical adventure.

Sleep No More Photo Slideshow: 

Sleep No More Production Photos

Sleep No More photo slideshow. Enter the chillingly enchanted world of Sleep No More...

Directed and devised by Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle, with the Company
Duncan Phil Atkins
Malcolm Hector Harkness
Macbeth Geir Hytten
Banquo Vinicius Salles
Macduff Robert McNeill
Porter Thomas Kee
Lady Macbeth Sarah Dowling
Lady Macduff Alli Ross
Witch Conor Doyle
Witch Stephanie Eaton
Witch Fernanda Prata
Hecate Careena Melia
The Second Mrs. de Winter Poornima Kirby
Mrs. Danvers Tori Sparks
Bellhop Alexander LaFrance
Annie Darcy Annie Goodchild
Elsie Price Hayley Jane Soggin
Speakeasy Bartender Sogdiana Azhibenova
Man in Bar Robert Najarian
CAST (From November 10)  
Duncan Phil Atkins
Malcolm Robert Najarian
Macbeth Eric Jackson-Bradley
Banquo Jeffery Lyon
Macduff Luke Murphy
Porter Thomas Kee
Lady Macbeth Tori Sparks
Lady Macduff Alli Ross
Witch Jordan Morley
Witch Stephanie Eaton
Witch Kelly Bartnik
Hecate Careena Melia
The Second Mrs. de Winter Poornima Kirby
Mrs. Danvers Hope T. Davis
Bellhop Alexander LaFrance
Annie Darcy Annie Goodchild
Elsie Price Hayley Jane Soggin
Bass/Sax Timo Shanko
Drums Django Carranza
Piano Rusty Scott
Director and Designer Felix Barrett
Director and Choreographer Maxine Doyle
Sound and Graphic Designer Stephen Dobbie
Associate Designer Livi Vaughan
Associate Designer Beatrice Minns
Costumer David Israel Reynoso
Staff Director Mikhael Tara Garver
Assistant Director Paul Stacey
Stage Manager Carolyn Rae Boyd
Executive Director (Punchdrunk) Colin Marsh
Senior Producer (Punchdrunk) Colin Nightingale
Technical Director (Punchdrunk) Euan Maybank
Producer (A.R.T.) Diane Borger
Line Producer (A.R.T.) Chris De Camillis
Assistant Producer Allison Kline
Props Volunteer Coordinator Olivia Benowitz
Production Manager Pat Quinlan
Associate Production Manager Chris Viklund
Associate Production Manager Skip Curtiss
Production Assistants Tob Ibbitson
  Kevin Klein
Technical Director Steve Setterlun
Assistant Technical Director Nick Fouch
Acting Assistant Technical Director David Buckler
Scenic Charge Artist Gerard P. Vogt
Assistant Scenic Charge Kristin Knutson
Scenic Painter Katie Richmond
Master Carpenter

Peter Doucette

Scenic Carpenters Jason Bryant
  York-Andreas Paris
Scenic Interns Ben Clark
  Sarah Pierce
  Katie Wilson
  Rena Luczkiewicz
Paint Interns Tacy Flaherty
  Rebecca Keithley
  Abigail Neuhoff
Scenic Staff Alan Boyer
  Stephen “Dex” Woodward
  George Kane
  Tom Ibbitson
  Irene Yee
  Kayla Szumowski
  Lee Czemba
  Lane Black
  Dan Black
  Tim Boland
  Andrew Remillard
  Olivia Brownlee
  Erin Gilligan
  James Crosby
  Karina Shorten
  John Hardin
Properties Manager Cindy Lee-Sullivan
Assistant Properties Manager Tricia Green
Properties Carpenter Stacey Horne
Properties Staff Rebecca Helgeson
  Brittany Burke
  Sean Cote
  Meagan Miller-McKeever
Properties Interns Jeff Desautels
  Brian Hoefling
  Katie Flemming
  Heather Morris
Costume Shop Manager Jeannette Hawley
Assistant Costume Shop Manager Hilary Gately
Costume Drapers Carmel Dundon
  Mary Hurd
Stitchers Tova Moreno
  Jennifer Guadagno
Crafts Artisan David Israel Reynoso
Hair and Make-up Rachel Padula Shufelt
Master Electrician Derek Wiles
Lighting Assistant Ken Helvig
Lighting Engineer David Oppenheimer
Audio Supervisor David Remedios
Audio Engineer Katrina McGuire
Audio Staff Meghan McDonough
  Jason Van Sleet
  Alexis Rodriguez-Carlson
  Darby Smotherman
Assistant Stage Manager Kyle Carlson
Assistant Stage Manager Alexandra McConnell-Trivelli
Sound Intern Sarah Weintraub
Band Contractor/Bar Manager Jason Waddleton
Stage Supervisor Jeremie Lozier
Production Assistants Chris Eschenbach
  Kevin Klein
  Matthew Sebastian
Wardrobe Supervisor Steven Drueke
Scenic Bryan Atterberry, John Hardin, Katie Richmond, Angela Mussacchio, Jeannette Vivas, Jaycee Do, Anna Oliver, Michael Berman, Evan Cole, Ariel Miller, Stephanie Lederman, Veronika Kruta, Larry Switzky
Props/Detail Anna Oliver, Elyssa Jakim, Zachary Baker-Salmon, Robin McGuire, Lindsay Boss, Juliana Beecher, Evan Cole, Marghuerite White, Maia Laperle, Melanie Garber, Karen Kosco, Ariel Miller, Julia Bloom, Danielle Drees, Angela Mussacchio, Scarlett Redmond, Ian DeLeon, Kara Stokowski, Scott Hadley, Molly Lanzarotta, Luis Santos, Justin Tease, Beth Fagan, Patrick Mills, Mark Collett, Sydney Robinson, Madeline Barr, Anna Brownsted, Samara Scott, Chelsea Barrett, Julia Rocha
War-room installation and special projects: Maria Magdalena Campos Pons and the students of her School of the Museum of Fine Arts Installation Art class:
  Susan Childress, Shannon Carroll, Olivia Becker, Alaina Gurdak, Alex Rathbun, Maddie Barr, Anna O’Hara, Sofia Botero, Ani Avnian, Eunice Choi, Doyle Bley, Esther Chung, Eusaem Choy, George Oliveira, Ivette Slaom, James Lyman, Natalia Vergara, C. Fisher, Katrina Neumann
Lighting Nicole Barron, Evan Cole, John Harrison, John Bechtold
Sound Bryan Atterberry, Mary Simpson, Max Lord
Head Steward Allison Kline
Floor Captains John Bechtold, Olivia Benowitz, Mark Collett, Anna Oliver
Stewards Jennifer LoSciuto, Zachary Baker-Salmon, Maia Laperle, Michelle Murray, Michele Reed, Borah Coburn, Miriam Khan, Len Tower, Angela Mussachio, Ella Dorband, Jane Wilson, Tierra Bonser, Elizabeth Ostebo, Tegan Sutherland, Elyssa Jakim, Eve Bryggman, Larry Switzky, Annika Franklin, Nicole Barron, Megan Murphy, Lindsey Boss, Gregory Lauer, Laura Caplan, Sarah George, Brittany Duncan, Soo Sheung Wong, Catherine Dare, Kelsey Linehan, Joel Cote, Catherine Tivy, Karen Huyghue, Gail Flattes, Rachel Baptista, Mark Stys, Lois Beckett, Kevin Schlagle, Chelsea Schmidt, Terry Torres, Kate Woolsey, Jill Shepherd, Lauren Schumacher, Roy Kimmey

"The attention to detail is, frankly, overwhelming. . . . I have been seeing it in dreams ever since." More

Boston Globe Sunday Magazine perspective: The groundbreaking show Sleep No More has given me, and Greater Boston, a much-needed, exhilarating jolt. More The pumpkins are out on the street in Massachusetts and the shops are full of Halloween. But if there's one thing that's likely to spook out Bostonians this autumn it's the arrival of British theatre company Punchdrunk. More

Wicked Local Brookline: ...we’re in uncharted territory here, with an offbeat and immersive theater experience that’s part art installation, part haunted house, part macabre ballet, and part Macbethian nightmare. More

Variety review: Theatergoers often hear the expression "entering the world of the play," but few will have experienced anything like "Sleep Mo More" when it comes to total audience immersion. More

EDGE Boston: Part haunted house, part art installation, part Art Decoed Jacobean melodrama, Sleep No More is far more than a theatrical gimmick -- this is immersion theater taken to level of high art. More

Boston Globe review: In eerie ‘Sleep No More,' the audience wanders through the Bard's bloody business More

Theatermania: A.R.T.'s new artistic director Diane Paulus is committed to moving theater forward and challenging audiences. More

Directors’ Note by Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle. More

A summary of Macbeth prepared by Jenna Clark Embrey. More


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 16, 2009CONTACT: Kati or 617.495.2668 “BOSTON HAS NEVER SEEN ANYTHING QUITE LIKE SLEEP NO MORE” — Ed Siegel, Boston Globe Magazine  ...
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194 Boylston Street (RT 9)
Brookline, MA 02445

Need to know

Sleep No More is happening in NYC. Learn more >>


The Old Lincoln School is wheelchair accessible. If possible, patrons using wheelchairs should purchase tickets for the 7:40 arrival time, though we can certainly accomodate wheelchairs at all arrival times. Notification at the time of ticket purchase is optional but appreciated. Upon arriving at the Old Lincoln School, patrons using wheelchairs should talk to the steward stationed outside and they will be shown in by an accessible entrance.

Performance sponsors:

    Supported by the British Council

Restaurant Partner: Tashi Delek and La Morra