Welcome to The Lily’s Revenge Blog!

SEP 18, 2012

The Lily's Revenge Cast

Welcome to the The Lily’s Revenge blog!  Over the next month, we– the dramaturgs on the production, Morgan and Fiona– hope to give you an inside look at the process of producing this five-act, multimedia Flowergory.  Last week, we finished staging Act One (also known as “The Deity” and “A Princess Musical”).  Act One introduces us to the world of the Great Longing – an antagonist of the Lily and the characterization of nostalgia, which is a major recurring theme in the show.  Act One plays with conventional notions of musical theater (a particularly nostalgic genre for American theater-goers), and it’s interesting how the mix of “traditional theater” in the A.R.T.’s non-traditional performance space, OBERON, works together.  It’s particularly exciting to see how director Shira Milikowsky and designer Sara Brown have conceptualized a transformation of OBERON throughout the performance– no spoilers here, folks.  Needless to say, there are plenty of surprises in store.

Watch this space for daily peeks into the process of creating the epic, communal, fantastic, phantasmagorical experience that is…The Lily’s Revenge. 

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