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The content key helps A.R.T. qualify the youngest appropriate age for our audience members based on the content of each show and developmental/curricular guidelines for each grade level.

In addition to age recommendations and a brief overview of the content in the play, we include a list of content categories that audiences often ask us about for each show: Language, Violence, Sexuality, and Substance Use. Each category is rated on a scale of 0 to 5, represented by black dots (), to indicate the prevalence of each content type in the show. If no dots are filled in, that means that type of content is not present in the show. If five dots are filled in, that type of content plays a very prominent role in the show. If three dots are filled in, there’s a fair amount of that type of content.

This key is intended to help you make the best choice for the young audience members in your party. If you have questions about the particular content in each show, please contact the A.R.T. Ticket Services or for more information.

2023/24 Season

The Half-God of Rainfall

Recommended for ninth grade and up.

Real Women Have Curves

Language 2 out of 5     
Violence 1 out of 5     
Sexuality 1 out of 5     
Substance Use 0 out of 5     

This production stages and discusses xenophobic commentary, racism, sexual themes, and body shaming and contains haze and fog. Recommended for sixth grade and up.

Becoming a Man

Language 3 out of 5     
Violence 1 out of 5     
Sexual Content 2 out of 5     
Substance Use 1 out of 5     

This production contains brief physical violence, discussions of suicidal ideation, transphobic language, sounds and images of war, and haze. Recommended for ninth grade and up.


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