Third Edition February 1, 2021

In order to reinforce theaters’ role as welcoming, democratic spaces, ethical guidelines will be central to the implementation of all safety measures, with a focus on stigmatization of or unlawful discrimination against any audience members, artists, or staff. It is already clear that ethical considerations will play a central role in any strategies involving testing, screening, or immunity certification.

Universal strategies that utilize “whole-person” thinking are pro-equity strategies. This kind of thinking gives consideration to employees’ lives both within and outside the workplace, accounting for housing, transportation, and other exposures to risk that have been proven to vary along socioeconomic lines.

Balancing support and safety measures with considerations of privacy and civil liberties—for audiences, artists, and staff alike—will require a rigorous plan from each theater. The A.R.T. is committed to a practice of to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its activities and operations.

A.R.T. is centering anti-racism as a core value, including in our policies, structure, programming, philanthropy, communications, pedagogy, and workplace culture. This journey will be sustained, ongoing, and foundational to the theater. In late June, A.R.T. implemented a staff-led search process that centered BIPOC employees and included representation from our boards and external stakeholders to select a consultant to work with the organization moving forward. In September, we began a partnership with Yancey Consulting (YC) to co-design, develop, and activate a plan that embeds anti-racist and anti-oppressive values in how the organization operates and stewards its work. The plan is expected in spring 2021. Quarterly updates on this work will be shared with the public.


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