Arc Iris


  • Jan 25, 2020 - Jan 26, 2020


  • Run Time: Two hours and fifteen minutes

The experience begins when the doors open.


From $20

The experience begins when the doors open.

  • Run Time

    Two hours and fifteen minutes

  • Tickets

    From $20

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The year is 2080. iTMRW, the love story of Robert and his android partner, Jenny, unfolds against the backdrop of a world where advanced technology is both a source of and a “cure” for human alienation: advertisements come in the form of “pop-up thoughts,” entire cities float on islands of trash, female forms are purchased and discarded at will, and aristocrats live in a state of debauchery and despair. The piece takes its title from iTMRW (pronounced “I, Tomorrow”), the mega-corporation that produces and sells every single product known to humankind. Despite societal chaos, the human spirit persists in its quest for love.

iTMRW, a dance-theater piece set to a live performance of a futuristic concept album by Providence-based art-pop trio Arc Iris, features contemporary dance and performance art by HDC Dance Ensemble.

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Performance Art Director Mustafa Samdani
Choreography Danielle Davidson