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$ean Wire
$ean Wire

$ean Wire: Azul’s Internal Dialect

Doors open at 7:30PM.

This event has passed

Internal Dialect is the latest album from $ean Wire, a Boston-based artist who quickly rose to prominence throughout New England. $ean is known for his effortless ability to merge sounds, idioms, and ideas in his sonic stories of internal development and growth. $ean has been featured in Rolling Stone, DJ Booth,, and The Boston Globe. He is seen as one of the most transcendent acts to come out of Boston during this millennium. It will be a true pleasure to experience $ean perform live.

Azul’s Internal Dialect will be an intimate live experience that showcases the creative genius that is $ean Wire. It’s going to be a special moment for not only $ean Wire and Most High Kingdom but also the city of Boston and it’s rising creatives. The STUPEFYE and Most High team had a great time producing this concert and we are super excited for the fans to be able to enjoy it.” – Robert Kelley-Morgan 

The show is designed to be an enjoyable live experience for New Englanders. The night will begin with Miranda Rae, a Boston newcomer saturating the atmosphere with her powerful vocals and introspective lyrics, followed by helloSIXX, a 6’4” songstress from Atlanta, Georgia, who blends women’s empowerment, sensuality, and liberation, and will decisively set the tone of the night as one of growth and transformation. Milkshaw Benedict, Najee Janey, and GIB DJ, three-fifths of Most High Kingdom, will bring their signature vibrant energy, crowd involvement, and thrilling personalities to the stage adding to an already charged atmosphere. The electrifying energy will come to a head as $ean and the electrifying band Megazoyd will glide seamlessly from emotionally charged, deeply introspective tunes to upbeat, high-energy party jams. Fans will without question understand why $ean’s artistry is coined as intimately aggressive.

The show is organized by STUPEFYE, LLC in collaboration with Most High Kingdom and 29B. STUPEFYE, LLC is a talent and brand management company founded and run by Robert Kelley-Morgan. STUPEFYE is fully committed to enabling and encouraging future legends to create, monetize, and succeed at their crafts and businesses while progressing culture.