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Boston Arm Wrestling Dames
Boston Arm Wrestling Dames

Boston Arm Wrestling Dames - Fight Night

  • MAY 19 7:30PM


  • Run Time: 2 hours

Doors open at 7PM.

This event has passed

Boston Arm Wrestling Dames is a bunch of fired-up Dames who toe the line between theatrical antics and hardcore athleticism. Eight wrestlers with big personas and money-hungry entourages will throw down in an all-out arm wrestling brawl. Will TinkerHell be able to defend her title as Grand Champ? Featuring a halftime burlesque performance by Thick Lizzy and DJ sets by 7elucinations. Rules and prizes are determined and managed by the referees and judges, whose calls are constantly manipulated by the influence of each wrestler’s entourage and crowd hecklers with dolla dolla billz!

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All proceeds raised at this event go to Boston Abortion Support Collective. Boston Abortion Support Collective provides free, compassionate and empowering support to people experiencing pregnancy loss. We provide physical, emotional, spiritual and informational support for people throughout the full spectrum of reproductive experiences, with a focus on abortion and pregnancy loss. We work in clinics and in homes to support those experiencing abortion. We are a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, an ear to listen, a pair of hands to help out. We are witness to reproductive experiences and we are warmth and connection in a world that can be cold and silent around abortion.

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