Carnavale Di Oscurita
Carnavale Di Oscurita

Carnevale di Oscurità

Doors open at 7PM.

This event has passed

Join us for the “Carnival of Darkness” or the “Carnevale di Oscurità”– a thrilling cabaret of the obscure. Part variety show, part interactive theater; you are invited to get to know the strange denizens of the Carnevale, each a character themed after a card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Enjoy music, comedy, stage magic, burlesque and circus arts including aerial performances, hoops, and more; all while you delve into the mysteries of the Carnevale and come to learn of its dark origin.

The Atmosphere and the Acts
There is a deep immersive storyline to discover at the carnival. We highly encourage you to visit the Fortune Teller’s Booth, the Confectionary, the Apothecary, and attempt to discover other secret locations by interacting with the various characters and solving the challenges they pose.

The Carnival would not be complete without a variety of incredible circus-arts acts. The scheduled performances will be broken up into two acts:
Act I – Aerials, Rope Dart, Whipcracking, Hypnotism
Act II – Burlesque, Aerials, Hoops, Live Song Performance, Grand Finale

There are additional secret acts that you will have to discover for yourself by solving challenges posed to you… or possibly other more nefarious means. The secret acts truly are secret– audience members must find way to stay for them or will be asked to close their tabs and depart.

Carnevale di Oscurità is 18+.

While we encourage audiences to attend immersive events in costume should they so choose, American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) and its venues (Loeb Drama Center and OBERON) reserve the right to confiscate and store any prop weapon or other costume accessory that could be perceived as a hindrance or could impede a positive audience experience. Any piece that is stored can and will be returned at the conclusion of the performance.