Island of Slaves

  • May 13, 2006 - Jun 11, 2006

  • Loeb Drama Center

  • Run Time: 105 minutes with no intermission

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Four shipwreck survivors—two servants, two masters—arrive on a strange island where the laws require they switch roles to learn a lesson in humanity. Robert Woodruff’s production sets Marivaux’s savagely witty farce in Club Utopia, a once-glamorous cabaret where a team of scandalously lovely performers are about to throw the party of a lifetime for their visitors.


Many years ago, a group of fugitive slaves colonized a remote island and established a society of absolute equality. They determined to do away with all class distinctions; any former masters arriving on the island would have to be retrained in the ways of democracy, or else put to death.

Now a storm at sea maroons four people—two aristocrats and their slaves—on the island. They are met by an administrator who instructs the masters and slaves to switch names, clothes, and roles, so beginning their lesson in humanity.

Production Sponsors:

Barbara and Steve Grossman
CHANEL, Boston


Iphicrate John Campion
Arlequin Remo Airaldi
Euphrosine Karen MacDonald
Cleanthis Fiona Gallagher
Trivelin Thomas Derrah
Fena Barbitall Ryan Carpenter
Juju Bee Airline Inthyrath
Raquel Blake Adam Shanahan
Mohogoney Brown Freddy Franklin
Landa Plenty Santio Cupon
set and costume design by David Zinn
lighting design by Christopher Akerlind
sound design by David Remedios
video design by Leah Gelpe