Julius Caesar

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One of the greatest theatrical studies of tyranny, revolution, and civil war, Julius Caesar is also a highly personal play—a breathless, gripping portrayal of friendships and alliances torn apart by political ambition and the intoxicating effects of power. Centered around three of Shakespeare’s most vivid characters—Caesar, Brutus, and the young Mark Antony—the play contrasts a vast historical canvas with the private fears and dreams of men whose words can change the world. This is the first production of Julius Caesar in the A.R.T.’s history, staged by the talented young French director Arthur Nauzyciel.

Produced in partnership with the Centre Dramatique National/Orléans-Loiret-Centre (France)


Marcus Brutus Jim True-Frost
Portia/Calpurnia Sara Kathryn Bakker
Lucius, the boy Jared Craig
Julius Caesar Thomas Derrah
Cassius Mark L. Montgomery
Casca Remo Airaldi
Trebonius Daniel Le
Descius Brutus Neil Patrick Stewart
Metellus Cimber Gardiner Comfort
Cinna Perry Jackson
Mark Anthony James Waterson
Octavius Thomas Kelley
Lepidus Will LeBow
Cicero Jeremy Geidt
Soothsayer Kunal Prasad
scenic design Riccardo Hernandez
costume design James Schuette
lighting design Scott Zielinski
sound design David Remedios
jazz trio Blake Newman, bass; Eric Hofbauer, huitar; Marianne Solivan, singer