La Dispute

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La Dispute is an Adam-and-Eve story in the garden of lust and inconstancy, examining the genesis of love, desire, betrayal, and passion. It is about the danger and intrigue of seduction. It is choreographic, set on a contemporary battlefield, with twenty performers—ten men and ten women—dressed in fabulous clothes, going at each other with all their available wit and passion.


Who is more unfaithful in love, men or women? The question causes heated debate at a society party, until the royal host proposes an experiment to decide the matter. Two boys and two girls were raised in isolation, and have never met anyone of the opposite sex. Now they have reached maturity, and for the first time are all released into the same garden. A man meets a woman, and instantly they fall in love. The same happens to the other couple. But when the first woman meets the second man, she soon forgets her declarations of eternal devotion. Chaos ensues, as intrigue and infidelity threaten to overwhelm the four lovers.

Significant Production Support provided by
Giorgio Armani
Dan Mathieu—Max Ultimate Foods
CrossCurrents, a program of Philip Morris Companies, Inc.
Joan H. Parker & Pearl Productions

Benjamin Evett’s role in this production underwritten by
Cokie & Lee Perry

Additional support provided by
The French Embassy in the United States, Cultural Services in Boston


The Prince Frank Raiter
Hermione Lynn Cohen
Églé Ellen Lauren
Azor Stephen Webber
Carise Lizzy Cooper Davis
Mesrou Remo Airaldi
Adine Kelly Maurer
Mesrin Will Bond
Meslis Barney O’Hanlon
Dina Akiko Aizawa
Ensemble Curtis August
Ashley Wren Collins
Dan Domingues
Benjamin Evett
Mark Alexandre Fortin
Donei Hall
Georgia Hatzis
Jason Kaufman
Jennifer Mackey
Mindy Woodhead
featuring the SITI Company
scenic design Neil Patel
costume design James Schuette
lighting design Christopher Akerlind
soundscape Darron L. West
stage manager Elizabeth Moreau