Old School Game Show
Old School Game Show

Old School Game Show’s Fantasy Special!

Doors open at 7:30PM.

This event has passed

Old School Game Show never holds back. With trivia, live music, sketch comedy, and even more, you’ll feel like you’re in the audience of your favorite retro variety show.

Join us in the Shire of Shag when Old School Game Show goes full on Dungeons & Dragons! Get out those magic wands and play to win at our first ever fantasy themed episode, where you can battle the centaurs of pop culture and emerge a High Wizard of Trivia with fabulous prizes. Not up to playing? No problem! Come sit with the muggles and be mystified by our on-stage antics. Our cast of characters will delight you while our bewitching Swinging OSGS House Band keeps the music flowing. The Cubic Zirconia Dancers will be shaking it like twenty-sided dice and you’re quest for entertainment will be fulfilled!

Old School Game Show is an interactive trivia experience like no other. Audience participants can get the chance to play our original pop culture games, competing to win fabulous prizes from local sponsors. Or we invite you to sit back and enjoy the spectacle of live music, special guests, dancers, and sketch comedy. It’s all the fun of an afternoon spent rolling around in the rumpus room — without the rug burn.

Please note that all game play takes place on OBERON’s stage, which is 30 inches high and only accessible via a set of stairs.