SBAMF Kickoff
SBAMF Kickoff

Soleful Bliss: Arts and Music Festival Kick-Off Fundraiser

Doors at 7PM.

Soleful Bliss: Arts & Music Festival is celebrating a kick-off fundraiser with music by local performers, art, vendors and culture produced by AfroDesiaCity.

Des Polk aka Radical Black Girl
Warrior and Healer. Tender and unbreakable. Destiny “Divine” Polk, whose name means “That which has been firmly established, God has answered, Dance”, is a an afro-indigenous, choreographer and producer, multi-disciplinary artist, community organizer/space holder, art-educator and founder of art-activist platform Radical Black Girl. Destiny’s work is concerned about speaking truth to a country that attempts to rewrite its own history while having actively tried to suppress African and Native American history and culture. She is also deeply passionate about advocating for low-income communities of color, womxn of color and young self identifying black girls.

Her most recent choreography work was presented at Imagining America, a national conference on deceleration and liberatory practices.  Destiny’s performances and dance films often combine her poetry and choreography to tell stories crafted with the intention to heal, based in discovery, for internal and collective processing of emotions, trauma and memory.

You can learn more about Radical Black Girl on  her website

Music Curator by
DJ Midwid

DJ Make it Do What It Do, from Miami, FL, a native that shares his love of music by blending some of latest and greatest R&B, Neo Soul and Hip Hop music to set vibes right and get the crowd feeling both mellow and hype on any given night. DJ Make it Do What It Do is currently working on a podcast to bring his ear for music to the masses. A technological and advance and follow up his 1st compilation album, simply titled “Spoken Word Lyricists Volume 1” which featured various poets from across the nation some recognized as Russell Simon’s Def Poets and Tony award winners such as Will Da Real One, Georgia Me, and Triple Blakk and featured music by Hip Hop and Soul music artist. Expanded his horizons to bring various forms of music to the forefront, DJ MIDWID developed Jazzy Fellow Productions. Through this company brings his love of Jazz music to the Literary Cafe & Poetry Lounge with a monthly jazz event called Jazzy Friday’s. DJ MIDWID is the one of founders of Miami’s first spoken word rooftop series called “The Ledge” held at The Viceroy Hotel. As he quickly gains recognition amongst some of the taste makers of Soul & Hip Hop Music there is no telling where you’ll see DJ Make It Do What It Do in the near future.

Amanda Shea and the Collective

Amanda Shea is a multidisciplinary artist who resides in Boston. She has performed spoken word poetry at numerous venues throughout Boston, including the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art in the Summer of 2019. She served as an official host for the 2018 Boston Art & Music Soul Festival and most recently the Arts Equity Summit. She has been featured on podcasts and broadcasts such as ItsLitBoston, Boston Come Through, and Fahrenheit TV. She serves as a radio host on Live Free or Die Radio. In April 2019, Shea performed at UMASS Boston with The Poets’ Theatre and independently for Phillis Wheatley Day. Shea performed at the Alvin Ailey Theatre with with original pieces regarding racism and identity. In May, Shea will appear in the cast of The Poets’ Theatre’s seventh revival of Boston Abolitionists, a program developed in partnership with the Boston Athenaeum. Shea will return to the Boston Athenaeum as a curator for a performance titled, “Other Voices in the Room” which speaks to identity politics and cultural appropriation. Shea is passionate about humanity and the arts. She enjoys staying busy being a mother, an artist, and a polymath.


Phree Dom Is


Allegra Fletcher +

Allegra Fletcher is a missionary to America and Europe. She is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, and uses her giftings to aid in her intercession and outreach efforts. Allegra has long had a heart for missions, and when God called her to Italy she was very excited. Confused about returning home Allegra remained open to God’s leading and soon realized the call is about many nations, not just one. Already fluent in Italian and conversational in Spanish, Allegra is now seeking to expand her foreign language skills to better serve her call to the nations. Allegra currently intercedes for Latin America, the United States, and various European countries. She currently leads worship in English, Spanish, Italian and Albanian.

Dashawn Gsd Taylor

Dashawn Borden is an hip-hop, and jazz percussionist who has been performing since the age of 10. Throughout his high school career at The Boston Arts Academy, he has had the privilege to study jazz composition & Performance. Dashawn has performed for many major artists such as Tia Fuller, Miguel Zenon and many more. Dashawn has also been apart of the “Youth Artists United” and other Organizations such as the “Massachusetts Coalition For Occupational Safety and Health”. A collective of young artists and activists who took their lived experiences in underprivileged communities and transformed them into research to bring social and political issues to the forefront. Dashawn Is an young inspiring Artist that is passionate towards giving back to his community of Dorchester, Massachusetts and to grow as a Musician, Composer, scholar, and Activists.

Live Music by
Guyclaude Lacossade and friends


Shee Be Msanii (Visual Artist)

Sheebe Msanii was born and raised in Boston, MA in. A city girl by nature, and a lover of all things, she took on a great interest of appreciating art at a young age. Mesmerized by morals all over the historical city of Boston, the dancers downtown, and poets in the streets, art became a major part of her life subconsciously. In elementary school, art and music were her favorite subjects. Although she had many sketchbooks and drawings as a child, it was not until she relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 2014, that she realized her depth of  love for art. It was at this time, she tapped into her wonderful gift from the Most High to naturally create art. Using acrylic and occasional oils on canvas, mixed media, and textures, Sheebe Msanii’s art  is embodied with flowing and bold lines, contrasting colors, and dramatic tones. She often uses curvaceous and organic shapes to give a dramatic touch to the characters she creates. Vibrant, as well as earthly colors, are used to emphasize on the combinations of imagination and mother nature. Focusing on empowerment, awareness, current events, and emotional expressions, Sheebe Msanii takes her viewers to were the drums play loud, the colors dance in the sun, and the muses come to life.

DubArt (Visual Artist)

The art of Dimitri Dubuisson are divided works co-created from a metaphysical and psychological context. He concerns himself with intergrading the paradoxical consciousness of the seen and unseen worlds. He paints the essence of himself as well as the unpredictable outside world that surrounds him. With Symbolism and storytelling he takes his viewers on a journey. Dimitri‘s style is a combination of surrealism, street art and a touch of classical art.

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SJLart (Visual Artist)

Sherwin Long, a Bostonian, and Mass Art student and illustrator. He’s an average guy that has an obsession with drawing. His mind is filled with some crazy stuff so he wanted to share his vision with the world. His philosophies and daily personal interactions fuel the direction of his work so hopefully as you fly away with him you will grasp some of who he is.