• Apr 11, 2019 - Apr 14, 2019


This event has passed

Local neo-burlesque and multimedia art gang, The Slaughterhouse Society, is back at OBERON to invite you into a dark evening of immersive theater, unabashed queer romance, and reimagined occult horror…

Their largest, most diabolical, and truly experimental event to date!

Do not hesitate! Get your claws on tickets for this limited re-imagined retelling of of the undead classic, Dracula!

You’ve never seen Dracula like this: a completely immersive, three-act play told through movement, film, live foley sound effects, and custom cocktails inspired by each horrific and hotblooded act to help submerge you into our gothic Victorian fantasy! We are abandoning type casting and gender roles for truly exciting new adaptations of the classic cast. Witness the unholy union of desire, madness, obsession, and eternal life as only Dracula can conjure…

With the assistance of our outstanding actors from the Boston burlesque scene, and beyond:

  • True Form/Old Dracula – SHERMAN and Belle Gunz
  • Glamour/Young Dracula – Jolie LaVie
  • Creature/Beast Dracula – Complete Destruction
  • The Brides of Dracula/Vermin Princessa – Anne Frankenstein, Wisty, and Dark N’Stormy
  • The Demeter – Creature
  • Foley Soundmaster Hellion – Dick Flair
  • Jonathan Harker – Simone de Boudoir
  • Mina Murray – Dahlia Strack
  • Lucy Westenra – Kimmy Moore
  • Lucy’s Mother – Devilicia
  • Van Helsing – Ginny Nightshade
  • Lady Renfield – Fem Bones
  • Dr Jack Seward – Maggie Maraschino
  • Arthur Holmwood – Michael Geary
  • Quincey Morris – Mary Widow

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