T's 30th Annual Eleganza Extravaganza
T's 30th Annual Eleganza Extravaganza

T’s 30th Annual Eleganza Extravaganza

  • May 27, 2018


  • Run Time: Two and a half hours

Doors open at 7:00PM.

This event has passed

Not your average birthday party.

Circus. Drag. Burlesque. Dance. Song. Drama. Is it one of OBERON’s most ambitious shows? Or is it just a night with TtheAmazing and his extraordinary friends? It’s both. On May 27th, TtheAmazing is rounding up an incredible bunch of artists from all of his favorite performance arts – and you’re invited. T’s 30th Annual Eleganza Extravaganza, hosted by T himself and Boston’s stand-up queen Emily Ruskowski, promises to thrill, titillate, excite, astound, and move you. T can only use the excuse of turning thirty once, so don’t miss this one-night-only event.