Ubu Rock: Return Engagement

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Audiences screamed with laughter at this outrageous satire, a hilarious commentary on everything from unbridled political ambition and political correctness to the war in Bosnia and Newt Gingrich’s “contract with America.”

When vulgar low-life Pa Ubu plots to kill everyone and take over the world, no hallowed cause is safe! Together with his wife Ma Ubu (who’s one part Lady Macbeth, one part Roseanne and several parts we don’t dare mention here), the new dick-dick-dicktator of the land first de-brains the special interests and then begins the real exploitation!

Ubu is laughter! Ubu is rock and roll! Ubu is terror! And critics and audiences agree, Ubu is not to be missed!

Sponsored by the Boston Phoenix and WFNX